Simone Gooding

Simone Gooding is an Illustrator and designer based in Melbourne Australia. She has spent the last 14 years designing and illustrating toy animals. “I really like to see my artwork reflected in the felt toys I design, and will often illustrate the animals to help bring them to life. This is true in my first book  Little Traveller  published by Tuva Publishing.  A book of 10 felt toys, each toy design has a small illustration to accompany it and continue the story”.

Simone has always loved to draw, and has been doodling little animals and characters all her life. “When I was a small girl, I loved the work of artists like Dick Bruna, Mabel Lucie Attwell and Enid Blyton. These have been a huge influence on my own work today. I have a passion for children’s books and illustrating for the children’s market. My workspace is surrounded by little knick knacks and toys from my childhood and from foraging about in little vintage shops. I am inspired by all things mid-century and have a growing collection of children’s books from this amazing era.”

Simone starts with a pencil sketch and then creates her designs digitally. She is interested in licensing, selling and taking commissions.

Blueprint will mark Simone’s debut to the design trade show circuit, she is excited to share her work. See more of her work at and simone_gooding via Instagram.

If you’d like to work together on your special project, please contact Simone at