Monday, 5 June 2017

Manchester - One Love !

One man and his guitar is far more persuasive than a man with a death wish in a suicide vest :

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The Sunday Evening Party !

This year we decided to have a Meet & Greet Party on the Sunday evening, and despite the short notice it was a lot of fun and well attended ! A big thanks to Lacey at the Brooklyn Nest for providing the delicious cheese and chocolate tower, I think most of us went back more than once :) !

Here are some photo's from the party : 

As well as wine, beer and soft drinks, and some '80's music, we had some delicious cold food, there was not much of this left at the end of the evening :) ! 


No Brenda, you don't have to answer that question :) ! 

We are going to make the party a regular feature of future shows, it was a lot of fun ! 

© All artwork copyright Blue Print Show

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Blue Print Birdhouses !

The theme at the reception this year was bird houses from the multi-talented studios and designers exhibiting at Blue Print v !

This is just some of them, and they caught the attention for many of the clients visiting this years show. 

© All artwork copyright Blueprint Show