Deborah Payne

Business name: Deborah Payne Design

Instagram:  @deborahpaynedesign

Deborah Payne is a graphic designer living in Melbourne, on Florida’s Atlantic coast. After receiving a BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois, her design career started at IBM and from there she went on to work with companies large and small. Deborah has crafted everything from logos and infographics to posters and publications. 

Alongside her corporate work, she designed a line of greeting cards exhibited at the New York Stationery Show and was honored to receive three prestigious Louie Awards from the Greeting Card Association. In addition to her work as a graphic designer, Deborah has taught classes in Adobe Illustrator, Typography and Color Theory and Practice.

Her work in surface pattern design is influenced by classical modernism, Japanese textile design and contemporary folk art. Deborah’s love for illustration took on a new dimension when she brought the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil into her work flow. Her growing library of hand-drawn motifs and illustrations provides inspiration for her collection of surface designs. 

Deborah’s vibrant signature style is described as bold yet whimsical, decorative but minimalist, and always lovely. She is thrilled to make her debut in surface design at Blue Print with several collections and 100+ designs. Goals for the show include getting feedback from buyers, agents and fellow exhibitors, and exploring opportunities for licensing and collaborations.