Camp Collective

Camp Collective's two designers, Teresa Barry and Joan Herlinger,  met online as part of Jessica Swift's Pattern Camp community.  Teresa is a native Arkansan, where she is inspired by her Southern heritage.  She is passionate about vintage, has a huge collection of vintage textiles, and even runs a vintage shop where she upcycles vintage furniture and home decor.  Teresa loves happy colors and creates art and designs with a nostalgic and sometimes bohemian or whimsical style.  Joan grew up in Sydney, Australia and has lived in San Francisco for the past several years. After many years designing interactive experiences, she has returned to her love of illustration and pattern design. She adores animals and enjoys working in a bold, colorful esthetic, with a hand-drawn quality and sense of fun.
Our work is suitable for licensing and category buyouts in markets including: bolt fabric, home decor, apparel, children's, gift, stationery, scrapbooking and more.