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Halloween! A time for spookiness and high spirits! Allow me to guide you through the twilight towards the first strike of midnight where bats hang out with the witch's cat. Is that a cobweb or a hand brushing your face? A whisper or the wind? Your heart beats faster, your footsteps quicken. Don't worry, just keep telling yourself, it's only shadow, it's only a shadow, it's only a shadow...


Brand New Show! So exciting! With 23 years of experience designing paper products, gift, kitchen and homeware, the Rafale artists are busy producing gigabytes of marvellous designs for you to peruse at your leisure in the relaxed surroundings of Studio Arte, 265 W 37th Street, NYC this coming May!

Rafale Design is a mainly UK based community of likeminded though highly individual Creatives. Here are just a few examples of the styles of work and artists work we shall be presenting to you at the show, including the art above from Helen Penton-Voak!

Wayne Lockwood is our gentleman illustrator and designer whose work is immersed in pattern, texture and geometry. His work is bold and contemporary whilst simultaneously harking back to various iconic eras of graphic design.

Jane Dodds loves to research her beautiful designs through travel, and then she collages, collects and mixes her drawing and digital skills with endless enthusiasm!

Becky Sands is an illustrator and artist who produces obsessively detailed hand drawn repeat patterns and images full of charm and character with a broad appeal.

Heather is always striving to incorporate traditional methods alongside new digital skills to produce innovative designs.

Jean White brings characters to life and enjoys playing with paper formats, materials, crafts, media and shapes introducing an element of fun and surprise to designs.

Hilary is influenced by current interior trends and is passionate about colour and pattern. As well as using traditional methods of painting and illustration herself, she also increasingly enjoys using digital methods to produce deigns for greetings, wrap and kitchenware items.

Linzi McGivern loves ornate patterns, drawing inspiration from trends in fashion, textiles and nature.

Clare Leary is inspired by home furnishing trends, which often lead to her designs being layered with patterns and texture.

Watch this space for further show updates and previews, and don’t forget to register early!

In the meantime, if you would like any further information on our group and available designs please contact :

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