Blue Print Competition 2019 3

Melissa Weiderrecht


I am writing to enter the 2019 BluePrint Show Competition.  My name is Melissa Wiederrecht, and I am from the U.S. but I am currently living in Saudi Arabia.  I am 30 years old.  I have a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics with Honors and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming.

Since I have small children, I have chosen to stay at home since I graduated and have been working on building a career online, and bringing back the artistic side of me that I sacrificed ever since high school.  My favorite way to do this is to combine my three loves together: computer science, mathematics, and art.  I started by teaching two classes on Skillshare about generative art, and then I now also have two Skillshare classes about Surface Pattern Design that teach students how to use the 23 templates that I created that allow for live symmetric pattern drawing in Adobe Illustrator.  (It's like the iPad app Amaziograph if you have seen that... but in Illustrator.)  I have many more classes planned and hope to continue down this path.

However, I have also been working on honing my pattern design craft over the past year.  I made my first ever pattern at the end of November 2017 and haven't been able to stop since.  I am starting to be proud of my work and am hoping to start getting my work into the hands of real clients.  I have never had my work licensed, never been represented, and never shown at any design show, and have only really been working toward a design career for one year.  I am ready for that to change, however, and winning this competition would be the perfect way to get my work out there.

If you would like to see more of my work, head over to

Thank you so much for considering my entry!



Michelle Kliman 

Dear Judges,

Please find my application for the 2019 Blueprint Competition attached. The first page is my visual essay which includes my personal information, bio, and what winning the competition would mean for me. Pages 2-4 include my three design entries.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!
Michelle Kliman | MK Studio
Founder | Creative Director
Instagram: @hellomksurface


Michelle Walker 

To whom it may concern,

My name is Michelle Walker and would like to submit my entry for the Blueprint 2019 competition.

A little about myself. I am an Australian, living and working in Sheffield, UK with my husband, son and cat. I am 40 years old. 

I originally studied at the Queensland College of Art and have been working as a User Experience Designer. Over the last couple of years I have been learning the ins and out of pattern and surface design, and have become completely besotted with this field. I love the world of pattern design and find myself thinking up new pattern design concepts at every spare moment.

It would be an absolute dream to win this competition and have the opportunity to share my work at your show. I have built up a large portfolio and feel I this would be an amazing opportunity to be able to meet directly with buyers and share with them the work I have created. It would also be wonderful to meet other designs at Blueprint and build a network within the surface pattern community. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Michelle Walker
+44 77 2661 4774


Monica Undurraga

My name is Monica Undurraga. I am an artist and textile designer. I have my own practice of block 
printed textiles and illustrations. I am from Chile and I am also a British citizen. I studied fine arts in 
Chile and I did an MA on Textile arts at Goldsmith University 2004, and an MA on textile design at 
Chelsea College of Art and Design 2009. I am currently living in Santiago, Chile. I made this three 
illustrations on my I pad Pro using an app call paper, for my 2019 Illustrated Calendar. I have never 
participated in a print show and I would love to show my work! You can also see my work on 
instagram: @monicaundurragastudio  
If you have any questions please don’t  hesitate to contact me. 
Kind regards. Monica Undurraga. 


Nelli Khatmoullina 


My name is Nelli Khatmoullina (35). I’m a Surface Designer from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I was born in Ufa, Russia, but live in the US since 2002. The Surface Design Field is very new and so exciting to me! I used to be a graphic designer, but I didn’t find much success and satisfaction in it. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and switch to more artistic and experimental field as Surface Design in less than 2 years ago. I took some classes online and discovered the whole new world out there! It’s amazing because I feel like I finally found my thing! I do believe that exhibiting in Blue Print will help me tremendously in developing my own business and style. Actually, I visited both Blue Print and Surtex in May 2017, and I was truly impressed by Blue Print Show atmosphere. It felt much more comfortable and supportive for an artist like me than Surtex. I decided to exhibit in 2020 in any case whether I win or not this year.
My educational background is listed below for easy viewing. I’m still taking Make Art That Sells classes currently and watching Skillshare tutorials constantly. I’m always learning something new because I’m eager to get new skills or knowledge. I’m not really sure how to answer your question: “What you have been doing since graduation?”, because I had so many graduations in my life. The only thing I should mention that by the time I finished my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design in 2011, I had my first child. Then I had another one and I felt I needed to postpone my career for kids. So, I have a gap (2011-2017) in my career because I dedicated my time to children deliberately. I’ve been working occasionally in that period of time as a graphic designer until one day I realized I didn’t like it any more. I found Surface Design and educated on it myself. Now, I feel I’m very ready to meet the world and offer my best work!

  • The Ufa Art School Number 1 for kids (4 years, 1994-1998, Ufa, Russia)
  • Lakeland Community College, Associate of Science in Graphic Design (2 years, 2006- 2008, Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design (2years, 2009-2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Make it in Design, Modules 2 and 3 (2017, online)
  • Make Art That Sells (Various Courses, 2018-still working on it, online)
Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to be a part of your community of wonderful designers!
Nelli Khatmoullina,
Surface Designer.
Phone: 216-235-6806 Email:


Nina Leth 

Hello Blue Print.

I write to you from Denmark to attend this great competition you are having. 

First the answer to your questions:

- No I am not self-employed and have never been. How ever I am partly self employed, but haven’t been great at selling myself. I did manage to make 3 coloring books for a danish publisher, but since Im based in Denmark with only 5 million citizens, I only sold 5000 x 3 copies of my books. I sold one of my books to Japan and Sweden, but the royalty is very low. 
- I am uploading patterns for Patternbank, and have sold two so far. I also try Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, where I sell for a few dollar now and then! Next is Spoonflower, where I only have 4 designs for sale so far.
- I am not part of a studio or have a agent, how ever I might try and reach out. It just never occurred to me. We don´t have art agents in Denmark to my knowledge. 
- I have never exhibited at Blue Print or any other shows.
- 45 years on the 15th of december. (Hope for the Blue Print as the best birthday present ever!)

Here you have some of my personal information.
I work on my 10th year at a nursing home in nights. That gives me a lot of time to draw, both at work and home, since it´s parttime. My husband is having a flying career and now it is my turn. I have 3 kids between 12 and 17 years and 5 rabbits. 
When it comes to my creative work, I am extremely productive. As you can also see in my coloring books, where I drew 260 illustrations during 1 1/2 year. I have recently started to make seamless patterns, which I adore to work with and embrace all of my available time. 
I am a graphic designer, which I graduated for so many years ago. I never managed to get into the industry, since I got some pretty bad experiences, like being fired, when I told them I was pregnant. And being fired, when I had to ask a few days off, since I had to attend my sisters wedding in UK! I have first picked up Adobes Illustrator again half a year ago.
I have been painting a lot of paintings and also large scale on murals in Copenhagen.
Now I only need to convince you about my enthusiasm about my desire to win the Blue Print competition. 
I am at a place in my life, where I want to do everything possible to make my dream of being self employed illustrator come true. So many years I have had doubts about my capabilities, but now I feel a need to pursue my creative ability and I am convinced that I can do it. My drawings are good, they are awesome in fact! When I stumble into something hard, I keep pushing until I succeed. I have seen that I can make 3 books in no time (5 as a matter of facts, the last one I did as indie publishing via Lulu and I am working on getting my 5th with fashion girls out). 
I want to go and meet with potentially customers, get some tips, push myself to make something splendid for them, they can´t ignore. I would love to see my designs all over the world. I have lived in a shell for so long, just producing without getting it out there. But now is my time. I would love to go to USA and talk to so many creative people, get contacts and I long for meeting other creative people. 
My English is, as you can spot, not all good, but I do speak it often, since we travel, when we can. Let´s just call my english pronunciation, Scandinavian charm.. Australia and New Zealand were the last countries, USA is up next in two years, hope it to be sooner though.
I had a hard time narrow the entries down to 3 pieces, since I have so many. You don´t get to see my series of vases for instance. But I have now selected 3 designs, I know they are too detailed for the marked, but it´s to show my patterns too. 

Yours and with her fingers crossed.

Nina Leth


Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

Dear Blue Print 2019 Competition Selection Committee,

Attached you will find a PDF with personal information about me and why I'm applying for this competition.
In three emails to follow, I will be sending my 3 design entries.

Should you have any questions or have any issues with the files please let me know.
If possible, please confirm that you received my 4 attachments.

Thank you for your consideration,
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill


Sofia Luz Barassi


Sophia Van Hees 

Dear Ceci Butler, Janine Vangool, Este Macleod, and Jennifer Nelson,

Please find attached my three designs to be considered for the 2019 Blueprint competition. 

About me
I am an artist, surface pattern designer, and sewing enthusiast. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I have now made my home in Vancouver, Canada. Art has always been an integral part of my life. It grounds and energises me, and has gotten me through challenging times. Over the last two years I have been patiently uncovering my signature style and now feel ready to launch my creative business: Brave Snail Designs. This name is a combination of a nickname I had in school: ‘Snail’, because I never rushed anything and preferred to do things in a careful and considered way; and ‘Brave’, because pursuing a creative career requires bravery. I also love the imagery of a bold and determined snail making its way out in the world.

About the artwork
All three pieces were influenced by my experiences living in Vancouver – the natural environment, everyday objects, as well as its people and culture.

1. Wild Mushrooms: Part of the natural beauty of this region includes an abundance of wild mushrooms - from Shaggy Manes to Chanterelles - and foraging for these fungi is a beloved pastime for many Vancouverites. The design was constructed using layers of flat shapes, with hand-drawn elements overlaid. The motifs all come together in the pattern to create a sense of movement and growth.

2. Umbrella Jungle: A play on the phrase ‘concrete jungle’, this print was inspired by one of the most common objects seen in Vancouver (affectionately, or perhaps not-so-affectionately, known as Raincouver). The umbrellas were also made using flat shapes, overlaid with hand-drawn raindrops and lines that represent water running down the fabric. The tossed layout also helps to create a more abstract and playful design.

3. The Dancers: This design draws inspiration from people and movement, and reflects the thriving cultural scene in the city. Again I used flat shapes overlaid with some hand-drawn lines to provide movement in the costumes and create subtle facial expressions. The smooth curves in the shapes also represent the flexibility and poise of the dancers.

Why I want to show at Blueprint 2019
As an emerging designer, showing my designs at Blueprint would provide the perfect launching pad for my career. I envision my work being licensed across many different industries, and therefore see Blueprint as the perfect platform to showcase my range. The description of the show, in terms of the friendly atmosphere and relaxed environment, is also extremely appealing as a new designer. 

I have never previously shown at any design and print show, I am not currently represented by any studio or agency, and I have less than 2yrs experience as a creative entrepreneur. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration for this wonderful opportunity.

Sophia van Hees


 Sorcha Sayers 

Hello! My name is Sorcha Sayers and I would love to be considered for the Blueprint 2019 competition. My art style is inspired by the magic of all things natural. I use a variety of methods to produce my prints, and enjoy every part of the process.

I went to college for Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati. I chose Industrial Design because I believed it was as close to sculpture as I could get. For the past 7 years I have been working in something I only somewhat enjoyed. I found all my joy in coming home and drawing. Two weeks ago I spent my final day in the office building of a job I couldn’t stand. 

Now, I am a 29 year old artist with no real job living in the most expensive city in the United States, good ol’ San Francisco. As scary as that is, I am so lucky to be pursuing my true passion and giving it 1000 percent!

Thank you for your time and consideration, and Happy Holidays! Please find my submission attached.

Sorcha Sayers


 Staci Leech-Cornell

Blueprint Competition 2019 Submission
Staci Leech-Cornell
Currently Living: Nitro, West Virginia, USA
Age: 36 (very soon to be 37 with my birthday being 12/24/81)
Masters of Arts with Emphasis in Sculpture earned from Marshall University, Huntington WV 2007
What have you been doing since your graduation and why do you want to win this competition?
Novelist Chimamanda Adichie warns of the "danger of a single story" and for decades the dominant story of Appalachia has been one of “ragged urchins,” of uneducated men and women, of country hillbillies. We have always been more than this story. And through individuals remaining in the region and cultivating new projects, new ideas, and sparking change there are finally new ones being written. This is but one reason I desire to win this competition.
Since my university graduation in 2007 with my masters degree, I have worked in the community arts institutions in our states while also working diligently building my art exhibition CV and so forth. My ability to create sculpture became more difficult following the exit of university and losing access to the facilities. I found myself turning to my first love, that of drawing. Vigorously, I produced at least one solo exhibit and as many group exhibitions as possible each year beginning in 2011. This continues today. Luckily with the assistance of the internet I have had the opportunity to exhibit nationally, however, our state is STILL so far behind the rest of the nation when it comes to progress in the world of technology. There are areas in our state that still are not able to access the internet or have cell phone usage. State officials and members of West Virginia’s congressional district have known for years that West Virginia was lagging behind much of the country in internet connectivity. Though they still struggle for improvement due to organizations not wanting competitors entering the area. This is the cyclical tug-and-pull battle our state has faced for decades and what individuals my age are rallying against trying to change. Reasons such as this is why I am always on the look out for ways and opportunities to apply for, research, partake in, travel and visit, and so forth to assist with the increase viewing of my work and drawing ability. Small business and personal promotion is more and more dependent on social media and the internet, however, when the state in which you reside sets up roadblocks that you continually must work around, you will always be steps behind others in your field.
The community art institution I was employed through until 2015 was The Clay Center of Art and Sciences of WV located in Charleston WV. While working at The Clay Center I held three different positions: Gallery Attendant, Assistant Gallery Manager, and 21st Century Community Learning Center Director. While holding the position of the 21st Century Community Learning Center Director, our program earned the Governor’s Arts Awards for Arts in Education during 2014. The basic premise of the program was to expand the horizons of Southern WV youth using STEAM education techniques. Our community mentors, who were primarily local artists, artisans, educators, scientists, and other creatives, tutored and introduced new concepts to students grades 6-12 by incorporating art in all activities. The subjects and activities included science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.  This was a program that relied upon grant funding and unfortunately, following a change of presidency, the Clay Center did not continue the program in 2016.
During 2016 I decided to solely focus on my illustration work as my career path. Even more so, since September of this year I have decided to put most gallery opportunities on hold to pursue opportunities for projects in licensing, possible illustration agent, and developing a more focused portfolio in the hopes of venturing to an urban market showcase such as the Blueprint Surface Design & Print Show. Drawing and illustration brings a joy to me like no other, except the way individuals light up, smile, laugh, or share a memory after viewing an image I’ve created. I love to make and draw sweet, happy images for kids and adults alike. I enjoy being able to bring smiles, hope, laughter, and comfort to an audience that is frequently reminded by our world and media of fear and devastation. My sketchbook and a black pen travel with me wherever I go. I’m happiest when I am sketching, creating, reading, and learning. What inspires me: vintage color palettes, folk art, vintage children's illustrations, vintage scientific posters and books of animals or flowers, fashion through the decades, storytelling, and objects with beautiful textures and lines.
Storytelling is a very important aspect to the works I create. We have a deep reverence for language and storytelling. In Appalachia, we tell our stories not only on front porches and around kitchen tables but also in the aisles of the local grocery store and the waiting rooms of hospitals. We tell tales in our gardens while we plant tasty veggies or while on shift in the deepest coal mines. Often they are stories of nostalgia, for we are a people always mourning the past, grieving because we know how easily things can slip away forever. But just as often our stories are now becoming rooted in the modern world and are told in increasingly modern ways: on laptops, blogs, social media, digital cameras, in texts and videos. I’m telling my stories through illustrations and am sharing them with as much of the world as possible through the internet and social media. Being selected as the winner of this competition will assist in elevating an extremely passionate female Appalachian illustrator from West Virginia to a professional level in her career that will help me write an incredible new story of an individual born and raised from Appalachia. 


Sanchi Jain


I am Sanchi Jain, a 29 year old artist, born and brought up in India, Mumbai...I hold a B.F.A (bachelors in commercial arts) from Rachana Sansad College Of Arts, with a major in illustration.
I worked in the branding and design industry for a while and about 2 years ago I was introduced to a thing called "surface pattern design"! 
This was a path changer for me! Pattern making turned out the best way of putting my quirky illustrations forward! I started to freelance... 
Most of my work is hand drawn and rendered... mainly in watercolors... then finish it up using photoshop.
I worked with one designer, making surreal quirky patterns which were further taken forward on her fashion line... got a great response...
Sadly since then, have been working on patterns but have found no more opportunities to take it forward here... From where I come, this field is still not recognised... but I've still not stopped to create illustration patterns ...

If I get a chance to showcase my work at the Blue Print show, it would be my Biggest opportunity to pursue this as a career and get exposed to the right market and clients...

I hope you like the work I’ve sent and help me establish myself in the surface pattern designing field.

sanchi jain

keep spaghett-ing :)))


Chesta Maheshwari 


Jill Burns

Hello Blueprint judges:
I am Jill Burns and I live in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. I earned a BFA in painting from Boston University, and recently completed a certificate from University of Massachusetts in Graphic Design.

My path to surface design has been a meandering one. I’ve worked in the museum field, which has proved to be valuable resource and inspiration for all my artistic endeavors. I’ve crafted a career producing handmade ceramics, learning much about the hard work and dedication needed to run a creative business. But ideas do not have boundaries and I found that working in one medium was limiting. Some designs did not translate to ceramics and I realized I would need to branch into other mediums to develop them.

So what does an artist and lifelong learner do when they find themselves is this position – research! I launched into months of study on surface design, the tools I needed to produce them, as well as tradeshow to exhibit them. I recognize that I am new to the industry but with an early business strategy and growing portfolio I feel ready for the big step—Blue Print!

Winning this competition so that my work can be seen by buyers and art directors would an incredible way for me to break into this field. The recognition of my designs by industry leaders would validate my new direction. I would be honored to meet fellow designers, and greatly value the opportunity to learn through them as well. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jill Burns



Kristen Duggan 

Hi there! 

The attached artwork files are my 3 designs as entry to your 2019 BluePrint Show Competition. 

Artist: Kristen Duggan, Passionflora Design
Age: 29 
Country: USA (Massachusetts)
Education: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentration in Graphic Design.

I have been working as a graphic designer in corporate retail for the last 4 years, loving design itself, but never fully loving my job or what I do. Just last fall, I rediscovered my passion for surface pattern design, a hobby I had touched on in the past, and something inside me clicked; I had a real epiphany that this is what I love and am meant to do. I had known intuitively that I wasn't on the right path designing marketing materials for someone else's company, and now I had figured out my path and was determined to follow it! Since that realization, I have been working on patterns in my spare time, sketching, painting, planning collections, designing an SPD website and logo under my SPD business name Passionflora Design, uploading designs to Spoonflower. My main goal is to fully integrate this work into my own profitable business for 2019. I have followed Blueprint since I found out about it last year & have reached out in the past to inquire about booth pricing, but being that I'm just getting started with this business, I wasn't yet ready financially for the investment, hence why I'm very interested in the idea of winning a booth at Blueprint and connecting with other artists & buyers, and just soaking up the creative energy that I'm sure is abundant there! Thanks for you time, and best wishes to all involved. 

Kristen Duggan
Passionflora Design

Kristen Duggan


Rene Tarczon


Susan Evenson


I am sending along my images and information to enter the 2019 competition. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

My name is Susan Evenson, and I currently live in Cedarburg, Wisconsin (US). I have been freelancing in the areas of Art Direction and Photo Art Direction for many years, and I am trying to put more emphasis on my first love, which is illustration. I graduated (many years ago!) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis on painting and drawing. While I've spent many years professionally doing graphic design, and eventually art direction, photo art direction and photo styling, I always kept my art practice going on my own time. I have shifted my focus, and made the choice to put my illustration in the foreground. (It's time!)

I have done (and continue to do) some editorial illustration, which I've loved thoroughly. I am also excited to license and sell my work outright to see my art on products of all kinds. 

I would love to win this competition, and the chance to have a booth at Blueprint! To gather my work, show it, and connect with artists/makers/clients/friends around what we are doing is a dream. I work in a fairly solitary way in my studio, and to connect with others in the business would be fantastic. I have been trying to shift my focus back to art making and selling, and I feel this would be an incredible step in that direction. I would hope to meet potential clients and license and sell work. I have a lot of greeting card work and surface pattern designs that I have been building. I would love the honor of showing it in a booth at Blueprint.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration! Wishing you all the super very best this holiday season!

Susan Evenson


Susana Diaz 

Tamar Dovrat 

I'm Tamar Dovrat (35) from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Graduated in 2013 from "Shenkar college of Engineering and Design" (one of the top two leading Art & Design colleges in Israel) where I studied in the Visual Communication department, majoring in Illustration. 

From an early stage of my studies it was clear that I have a strong sense for color and I was drawn into the world of Textile and Pattern.
My graduation project was ALL about patterns and paper goods, it was incredible and got me nominated as Top 10 most promising graduates that year.
After graduating I was working a little in Graphic Design and kept illustration and studding about pattern as I go. I then felt a bit lost, so I started teaching craft in privet workshops for women and in Waldorf Elementary School (Embroidery, Weaving & Knitting). 
In January 2017, I gave birth to my second boy - and then something happened! 
Shortly after, I felt it was time to get back painting. I decided to devote that year to painting and rediscover my personal style. I searched and found what was right for me, and what felt good. I was thrilled to see myself getting back to painting and I was getting better and better at it, as developing a personal style that i was passionate about, was the main goal for that year! in 2018 I started making some art prints of my work and took a few commissioned works, while I was still home with my baby.
Now, Its time for my goal for this year! my 2 boys are older now (7y and 2y) and it is exactly time for me to start walking my planed path!
I promised myself I will participate in a pattern trade show in 2019. I work very good with dead-lines and they keep me motivated.
I've reached the ground where I have very strong confidence in my work, my process and my abilities. I find it unique yet with a large market place.
It would be a dream come true from me to win this contest and a huge huge jumping boost for my career! 
Taking part in Blue Print 2019 is definitely my wish for the new year to come! 
I paint mostly Flora and Fauna themes (But adore painting people as well!).
Attached here are my 3 designs. I use Gouache paints and edit all my patterns into working repeats in Adobe Photoshop, using self-made art brushes from differnt textures I creat, scan and turn to brushes. All to get the perfect hand made "analog" feeling for the design yet to have it digitally ready for print!

Had a lot of fun making these specially for the contest! so, Thank you guys!
Good luck to all and happy holiday!
Best wishes from the Holy land  :)

Links: Instagram // Website


Tanya Hildebrandt

Dear Blue Print Judges,

my name is Tanja Hildebrandt, 30 years old, surface pattern and graphic designer currently based in Berlin, Germany. I studied communication design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design with a focus on illustration, pattern making and conceptual projects. 

During my studies my focus transitioned from graphic design to pattern design. My diploma project was a campaign against the high street fashion industry, I invented a fake fast-fashion label with distinctive overall pattern designs. These patterns were based on abstract documentary and scientific photographs, presenting the negative side-effects this industry has on people and the environment. This project helped me to make initial contacts in the (sustainable) textile and home decor industry and also consolidate my dream to create patterns for a living. 

Since I graduated in February 2018 I’m working as a freelance designer. Currently I’m mostly working on graphic design and illustration projects, this is slowly changing and am excited by recent clients that are commissioning surface pattern designs. I founded my small label TanTan Things two years ago to bring my illustration and patterns to life. The characteristics of my work are pure fine vector lines combined with bold abstract shapes. I love the juxtaposition of black and white to vivid colors that bloom into colorful compositions. 

I’m a really ambitious person, I have clearly defined goals where I see myself in two years – as a surface pattern designer for stationery, home decor and textiles. Winning this competition to be involved in the Blue Print show would be a huge and invaluable opportunity to kick start my career in this field. During these early days as a freelancer, no more than half a year ago, I’m eager to learn and build my business independently, so far I am not represented by any studio or agency. 
I’d love to be part of Blue Print’s next edition – it would be the first time presenting my work on a show like this and I’m loving the concept of having the possibility to get in contact with clients in a cosy friendly atmosphere.

Attached you will find three designs that represents my style. If you have time, I would be grateful if you would take a look at my website to see more of my work – my current website is:
My new studio website will be finished in January, but it already presents the direction I want to go: 

I’m looking forward hearing from you, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Best wishes from Germany,


Taylor Karnes 


My name is Taylor Karnes. I am currently living in the United States, specifically, Nashville, TN. I am 23 years old and on December 5th, 2018 I graduated from Watkins College of Art where I obtained my BFA in Illustration.
Since graduating I have been working on my portfolio, researching opportunities, and creating new content! 

I would love to win this competition and get the opportunity to showcase my work along with many other talented artists, as well as get the opportunity to meet new people and make new contacts. The Blueprint Shows appear to have a wonderfully intimate and positive atmosphere that I would love to be a part of.

My three attached entries include: an Amsterdam travel poster, a birthday card, and a floral illustration. I created both the Amsterdam poster and birthday card pieces in a class titled Digital Illustration. The floral piece was created during my Independent Study, where it was one illustration out of many that I used to compile a 70 page book of illustrations.

Thank you for this opportunity to present my work!

Best regards,

Taylor Karnes


Usha Mishra 


I am excited to enter my first design competition with Blueprint Shows. I have spent the past 20 years working in marketing and advertising strategy, and have always felt a pull to pursue a creative business. A few years ago, I was in-between jobs and finally took the plunge and opened an Etsy shop, selling my hand-made hats and other accessories. It wasn't very successful, as I was giving it the attention at a "hobby" level. After a few more starts & stops, figuring out what I wanted to "make" to sell, I realized that although I had been sewing my entire life (and even professionally for a few years), my heart wasn't in it. 

It took a lot of self-reflection to realize that I wanted to make a dramatic career shift and get into surface design. This initially started as a desire to play with fabric all day; it morphed into wanting to design fabric specifically for home decor. I realized that I needed to dedicate 100% of my mental energy in this pursuit and put my marketing career on hold. At the same time, I needed to start thinking about a creative career in terms of a way that I could earn a living - not just a hobby. As I began to research how I could go about a career shift, I discovered that surface design was where I wanted to be. I now dream of licensing my artwork, finding commissions, and working with brands big and small to help shape their product lines.

A little more about me:
Name: Usha Mishra (Etsy business is UshaDesigns)
Location: San Jose, California, USA
Age: 46
Education: BA in Hispanic Studies & Studio Art, Scripps College, Claremont, California

Since graduation, I have built a successful career in marketing strategy, working primarily at tech companies and advertising agencies. Prior to my marketing career, I stitched costumes for the professional theater and began (but did not complete) a master's course in Museum Studies.

Thank you for your consideration.

Usha Mishra


Victoria Weiss 

Hello team at Blueprint,

My name is Victoria Weiss, I own, last two years I have been relentlessly doing pop up and shows all over the east coast to sell my art directly to consumers. I'm still interested in art licensing. Though I have had to be realistic and clear on goals and time management. I'm submitting 3 piece of art that represents me well, and also had great feedback with the audience.

This is a wonderful opportunity, thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,
Victoria Weiss