Blue Print Competition 2019

Phat Kandi

I’d love to enter your Blue Print Comp, and so, I have attached  examples from my illustration brand - Phat Kandi.

I started this brand a few months ago, and don’t have any representation. I’m a UK based illustrator.

I’d love to be chosen to exhibit at your show in May. 

I’m a passionate illustrator who believes in my brand, and feel it has the potential to offer an art and lifestyle proposition, across gifts, apparel and stationary. 

Kind regards

Mel Williams

Creative Director


Lau Hernandez 


My name is Laura Hernández, and I want to participate in the Blue Print 2019 Competition.

Instagram Name: LauHernandezRD

I am an emergent Surface Pattern Designer. 

I studied fashion and worked over 10 years in mass-production companies in the Dominican Republic,  until I realized I love the creative side of the fashion business. Then I came across with Surface Pattern Design and fell in love with this industry. 

Its been 1 year since I decided to shift my carrer to  Surface Pattern Design.

I am interested in showing at Blue Print because I want to get in touch with art directors and buyers to license my designs. I feel showcasing in your platform is a great way for me to get discover by brands and also to get to know other designers in the SPD industry.

My designs are bright and joyful. I want to express thru my designs my soul and my feelings.

Attached are 3 of the designs that better represents me.

They belong to one of my Christmas Collections. 

This one called Very Bright Christmas. 

The color pallete is Joyful because I enjoy bright colors and I love everything about Christmas so I wanted to combine the chirstmas feeling with the colors I love the most. 

Warm Regards,

Laura Hernández
Surface Pattern Designer


Carmen Anderson

The Organizers,

Good day. Please accept my submission for the competition. I would love the opportunity to exhibit at the 2019 Blueprint Surface Design And Print Show, and showcase my work. I have not had an opportunity to exhibit before, as I am constrained by lack of access to capital. I work by submitting designs to print on demand companies. Marketing is the hardest part, as I have not gained a very big following, and I struggle to get views on my work. I hand draw, scan and then work in Photoshop and other programmes to achieve the desired end result. Most of my design is repeat pattern.

My details are as follows:

Name: Carmen Ray Anderson

Address: Cape Town, South Africa

Phone Number: +27798098422

Brand: Carmen Ray Anderson

Instagram and other links: carmenrayanderson

Kind regards,

Carmen Ray Anderson


Ellie Bond

I would absolutely love to exhibit with Blueprint! I am constantly making new designs, patterns and trying out new materials alongside my busy life as a Tutor, Wife and Mother. To have my designs seen by a bigger audience would make it all worth it. To hopefully inspire others with what I produce, while at the same time getting a response to build my ideas from. 

A dream I have - to have my designs printed onto fabric to create homewares, fashion, Interiors... the list goes on!

My key interests are Fashion, Interior Design, Illustration and Textile Design. I have produced a rich colour palette and made decisions on shape placement in response to these ever changing and inspirational design worlds.

Find more of my work at Instagram

Thank you,

Ellie Bond


Guetta Di Pano

Hi Paul,

Good Morning, How are you today ?
My name is Thais, I'm a textile and embroidery Designer and I'm looking for new challenges.I am currently working with an emphasis on embroidery, applying different visual textures techniques.

I am a qualified professional for manual and computerized drawing (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Corel draw and Painter).

I have knowledge in the area of sewing and printing processes such as Screen Printing and Sublimation.

And why I wanna participate the Blue Print, it´s because I´m a brazilian girl that would love do pretty designs for the Cinnamon Joe  Studio , and here we have  fewst contest. And The Blue print show is an important example to do great to share the beauty designs that all made with a hard work and love. 

Thaís Guedes - Guetta

+55 01  949564376


Monica Gava

Name: Monica Gava

Company: Koketi Studio

Currently living: USA

Age: 45

Course: Federal University of Espirito Santo - Brazil

 - Bachelor degree Mass Communication - Advertising

- UCI Graphic Design Extension Course

I have a BA in Advertising and 10 years of experience working at several ad agencies as a copywriter. I'm now pursuing an illustrator/surface design career after completing a Graphic Design course at UCI, lots of online classes and countless hours improving my technique.

Winning Blueprint Competition 2019 would give me a head start on my career: 

- I will have the opportunity to expose my work to potential clients and start building a network at the right place.

- Learn the nuts and bolts about the licensing market through experienced clients and fellow artists.

- Reduce costs and have the opportunity to close some real deals!

Thanks for this generous and wonderful opportunity!


Yasminah Combary


I would like to submit my designs for the BluePrint Show competition 2019:

1. Endangered Species

2. Gilded Jungle

3. Underwater Life

My name is Yasminah Combary.

I was born in Gabon (Africa) I am half African half French. I first lived in Africa then moved to France where I studied and graduated. I have a BA and a MA in Art History. The subject of my Master was the "Bogolan Mud Cloth Textile from Mali". 

Later on I did not really work in my field of studies and in 2007 I moved to the United States first in Los Angeles and since 2014 in New Jersey where I still reside.

It's only after about 10 years that I decided to go back to school. I took a 7 months course in Textile Design in Paris. It was very intense but I learned a lot about textiles, repeats but most importantly I started to draw again.

Upon my return to the United States I focused on drawing, creating and building my portfolio. I also took part in design challenges on Spoonflower, Ohh Deer or some Instagram challenges.

Exhibiting at the Blueprint show would be the next big step for me. It will allow me to meet with professionals of the same trade. I would like to meet agents and get their feedback on my work and it will certainly be a defining moment at this stage.

Thank you for organizing this competition and thank you for considering my designs.

Kind regards,

Yasminah Combary


Goldie Cai

I'm a professional illustrator and designer at John Master's Organics. I am 22 years old. I am currently living in the Bay Area in the US. 

I graduated at California College of the Arts with a BFA in illustration. I am interested to exhibit at Blue Print in 2019. I have been passionate about surface design for many years and I'd love to show my spin on patterns and design. Much of my college thesis and best work with Pottery Barn Kids was pattern based and a great joy of my artistic life. 

Thank you for your consideration

 Laura Wayne 


Alexandra Uro


My name is Alexandra Uro, I am sending my submissions from my hometown Mexicali, Baja California, located in the north of Mexico, right on the border with California.

I am a 46 year old architect and long time English teacher who has left the classroom to pursue the adventure of surface pattern design and art. I obtained my architecture degree from UABC, the State university, continued studying painting in Mexico City and am self-taught in watercolor.


Back in 2016 a family tragedy led me back to my paints. After much experimenting, I developed a style I call organic abstract. I started posting all my work on Instagram (@alexandra.uro) and would often get comments about how my art would look great on products or fabric. I eventually decided to give it a try with my limited computer skills and managed to upload my design on products from Society6. Seeing my designs on real products was the sure fire motivation I needed to continue following the surface pattern route.

I am currently studying proper design programs and taking online courses to understand the details of this process and the industry itself. This year I created my second neckerchief collection which I self-fund and sell, primarily, locally.

Through the online courses and the many designers I follow, I have understood the importance of participating in a Design Fair and showing your work. I appreciate the significance of the platform a Fair can be for good design, to make connections, plan collaborations and, above all, meet people who speak the same language.

This has been a dream I kept to myself for a very long time and I´ve taken baby steps towards bringing it into reality. To be chosen by the judges would be a boost in my process I had only daydreamed about. It would let my designs shine and bring colorful joy to many more in a new, original way: emotion-filled, minimalist yet modern...

Thank you,

Alexandra Uro


Stephanie Pinnock


Please take these designs as my entry into the Blueprint competition. 
As a Mum of two small children I decided to enrol on a Textiles degree course at the age of 30. It was a now or never situation. It would be my absolute dream to exhibit my work and show people what I am made of. If I can do it anyone can!!!

Name: Stephanie Pinnock

Address: 16 oak Crescent,
Chilton, County Durham,
DL17 0EL

Telephone: 07725916767



Lore Vangheluwe

 Dear Blue Print,

please find attached my 3 designs to join your amazing competition!


Name: Lore Vangheluwe

From: Belgium


Mobile: +32 (0)479/ 67 39 76


It has been 1 year since I've closed my giftshop to focus on my art career. I've been working on my skills and technique's for the past year and searching for my own style. 

For me it's time to get out there and get my artwork in front of artdirectors and buyers. 

As an artist you're spending a lot of time alone at your desk, wondering how people would respond to your artwork. I feel ready to meet people, both clients and fellow artists. 

It would be such an honor to be able to exhibit at Blue Print, and feel that positive Blue Print vibe myself.

Thank you for this great opportunity!

Kind regards,

Lore Vangheluwe


Hannah Mountain


Ana Cote 

Hi, my name is Anne Côté, I am from Gatineau, Québec, Canada. I have studied Graphic design in 1995 in Montréal, Québec. I am a mother of 12 years old active boy and I am a healthy 55 years old doing Taekwondo! I speak French,English, Spanish  and a little of Korean.

I have experience in graphic design at the government and editorial illustrations in publishing house since a long time. 

I have started learning more about surface design PATTERN for 2 years. I took online classes with and with Lilla Rogers and the industry of surface design fit well with me. 

For the last 12 months I focused in my studio developing and creating new designs and illustrations for collections and on my website as well.

Here my website:

Blue Print 2019 would be the perfect opportunity for me to have a better understanding of my future customer and know more about the industry of surface design pattern.

Thank you,

Anne Côté, Côté Création 


Sophie Bell 

Name: Sophie Bell

Phone Number: 07948086684

Email Address:

I am a surface design student at Newcastle college.

The opportunity to exhibit at Blue Print 2019 would be life changing for me. As a mature student with two young children, I never expected to be in this situation. I am slowly building my confidence and experimenting with my own style and loving every moment. I am entering this competition in order to prove to myself that anything is possible.

Maria Sakran 

Hello Fellow Printmakers ,

I saw your add on Instagram and knew I had to apply. Im Maria Sakran and my company is Mnsakran Designs, my website is . I have a small accessory line with a business partner called Sakran & Shaw. All prints on our headbands , scrunchies and scarves are my original surface patterns. All of my prints are made from my photography. I go out in nature and find textures , colors and patterns to use for my patterns. The three examples I have picked show what I can do with my photo’s. This all started from a senior project in college that has now turned into a business. I majored in photography and was working in retail at the time my ideas of making my own patterns started. Today I have perfected my designs and want to share them with the world. 
I would love to exhibit at your show. Last year I actually applied and never heard back. Whether I’m picked or not I would LOVE to exhibit at this show.  I love art and my take on surface patterns. I hope you enjoy my designs and my website showcases my photography , exhibition list and designs. 

Maria Sakran
Instagram: Riasakran
Facebook: Maria Sakran 


Patrice Horvath 


My name is Patrice Horvath and I am an artist from New Jersey. I'm 30 years old and I graduated from Montclair State University where I studied Graphic Design. I worked as a graphic designer for about 7 years in an agency and recently switched to self-employed freelance designer and artist. I create art and patterns mostly in watercolor and digitally with a hand-drawn feel. My art is described as bright, happy and whimsical. 

Thank you for your consideration!



Sue Halstead

Hi, I’m Sue Halstead, a textiles and surface designer, living and working in the West Midlands, UK.

Probably, I’m a little older than your average applicant to this competition – I’m 46 year of age. I graduated with a degree in Textiles for Interiors, back in 1995. My course involved a lot of weaving and carpet making, and it wasn’t until a little later, after I had begun teaching, that I realised what I really enjoy is designing for print. I’ve done several online courses since then, with Make it in Design and Skillshare, to improve my digital design skills.  

I taught Textiles and Art to college students for 17 years and quit my job in December 2017 to concentrate on a solo design career. I also care for my young son, Lucas, 7, who has Down Syndrome. It’s really important to me to use the skills I’ve gained over the years to forge a career that can both provide for, and work around, his additional needs.

I’d relish the opportunity to exhibit at Blueprint. As well as exhibiting my work really professionally for the first time, I’d really look forward to meeting people in the industry, to network, gain contacts and learn as much as I can about the industry. I’d be sure to gain as much from the experience as possible -as a late starter I feel I have a lot of catching up to do!

I’m entering two patterns from my recent ‘Bright Bouquets’ collection, as well as one from my ‘Folk Fiesta’ collection, which is based on Ikat woven textiles. My work is always hand -drawn or painted on paper initially, before being digitally manipulated. I always like to ensure I retain the original hand-drawn aesthetic in my final designs.

My web address is:

My full on-line portfolio is password protected, but you can view it by using this link

I’m also on Instagram:

I hope you enjoy my work, and many thanks for this opportunity.

Best wishes

Sue Halstead


Suna Ruhren

Hello to all,

My name is Suna Ruhren and I would like to submit my surface pattern designs to enter 2019 competition. I am 42 years old, hold Bachelor's degree in Computer Art from Long Island University, and Master's degree in Interactive Telecommunication Program from New York University. 

I currently live in a beautiful suburb of Tokyo, Japan and work at a small afterschool program for children and youth of all ages.

I would love an opportunity to show my art through Blue Print Show along with other great artists! 

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards,

Suna Ruhren


Christina Murphy

Hello! My name’s Christina and I am very excited to enter the 2019 Blueprint Competition. I am a designer, printmaker, book lover and a bit too attached to my dog, Marlin. Based in the US, I work from my studio in St. Louis. I'm inspired by the weird and wonderful and I design bold and playful patterns in a clean and fresh style. Below are the details you asked that I include with my submission.
Name: Christina Murphy (Mildred Dot Design Studio)
Country: USA
Age: 43 (gasp!)
University: The George Washington University, Washington D.C.
Course of Study: B.A. Fine Arts/Art History
What I have been doing since graduation:
Working with a Fortune 500 client creatively to tell their stories through visual design and other communications services
Helping clients for an award-winning PR agency
Exploring drawing and other creative expressions with plans to pursue my independent art career when the time was right
June 2018: I decided the time was finally right and started Mildred Dot Design Studio
Raising my family
Why I want to win:
I want the exposure that winning the competition brings, which will allow me to pursue my dream of an art career that I postponed for practical reasons for many years
I want to jump start my new business Mildred Dot Design Studio
I want to use my creativity and talent to build my business
I want to further showcase my work and to network, find clients and develop my niche within the textile industry
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit and to evaluate a few of my designs. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any further information.
Best Regards and Happy Holidays,


Stacy Mazzarino Currie 

Cheers All, I am very excited to enter your competition! I am a mixed media artist and surface pattern designer. Here are some of my works, Thank you for this opportunity! 

Best Wishes, Stacy Mazzarino Currie


Tracy Dawn Brewer

Good evening!
I’m Tracy Brewer from Canton, Ohio in the US. I’m 48 years old and I graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I started in Art Education but eventually earned a Communication degree and Master in Information and Telecommunication. I am in marketing in healthcare and my art is my side hustle.

I want to win this competition to not miss the opportunities to share my love of creativity. I want to have a chance to make beautiful pieces that make others smile and lighten an often dreary world. I also want to prove to my 6 kids and 4 grandkids that you never stop going after your dreams.

My submissions show a series from the same elements. From card to a pattern to an example of digital manipulation of a repeat pattern. I hope they show a small bit of my range and humor.

Thanks for your consideration!


Becca Margulies


Lauren Patterson


My name is Lauren Patterson and I am attaching my submissions for the 2019 Competition to this email. I am a 38 year old American expat living in Tanzania, East Africa. Before moving to Tanzania, I graduated with a B.A. in Painting and Art History from Troy University and with an M.A. in Hispanic Studies from Auburn University. I have taught Art and English in Ecuador and Georgia. Since moving to Tanzania, I have started a clothing line using hand-dyed Tanzanian fabrics as well as illustrated a children's book which you can check out here:  I am always inspired by my travels, but am currently influenced by the intricate shapes and patterns found in the Indian Ocean and the natural surroundings of Tanzania. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Lauren Patterson


Leslie Goldstein


I would like to enter the 2019 design competition. Attached please find three examples of my work. I have not shown at any design or print shows nor do I have representation. 
Exhibiting at Blueprint would provide a venue to introduce my work to a large audience of artists
and buyers. It would be a great opportunity to directly interact with the design community.
Thanks for taking a look,

Leslie Goldstein 


Deborah Curiel 


Lucy Essex

Hello there,

My name is Lucy Essex and I'm a pattern designer and illustrator from the UK. When I came across your competition I thought "perfect!" as I fit all the criteria in the guidelines. It has been a dream of mine to exhibit at Blueprint as my first trade show as I understand that this is the best one to be at. 

Please find attached three of my designs (so hard to chose!) and if you'd like to see any more of my work please visit:

Warm regards,

Lucy Elena Essex


Ana Matamoros

Ana Maria Matamoros
Born and living in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America
49 years

Graduated from: 
Licensed Architect, Universidad Studium Generale,
 San Jose, Costa Rica.
Interior Designer
Sheffield School of Interior Design, 
New York, New York.

fb: analifedesign
ig: analifedesign

Since graduating from college, I spent 6 years working at Euromobilia, a company member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. I worked there as a head designer doing custom furniture for our clients.
I then opened my own design studio, and have done remodeling jobs, decorated model homes and beach condominiums in Marriott Los Sueños Resort in Jacó, Costa Rica. 

I also do custom made furniture such as wine cellars, media cabinets, libraries, kitchens, etc. I love to add handmade woodwork to my designs, it’s the perfect finishing detail. I help people transform their lives by helping them transform their spaces. I get clients locally and now online since I started my blog
A couple of years ago, I took an art class which changed my life! I found this passion for color and design and beauty that grows stronger each day. I see clearly how my professional training in design influences my paintings.

I want to participate in Blueprint because my ultimate goal is to be a pattern design artist for the home market.
As an interior designer, I know how important and transformational good design is. I want to combine both my passions into a career that will allow me to impact the lives of many through my designs in different products that are both functional and beautiful; and I want to do all of that with integrity, being true to my roots.

I live in a small country, blessed with 6% of the world’s biodiversity. Flora and fauna is not something that I take for granted, it’s something that I cherish and for what I’m grateful every single day. The natural oasis in which I live is the inspiration behind my art. 
I really want the opportunity to be able to participate in Blueprint, the most prestigious design fair, and have my designs find new homes through licensing my art. 

Thank you!

Ana M


Sue Gibbins 

Hello Ceci, Janine, Este, Jennifer and the Blue Print team!
Please find enclosed my Blue Print Competition submission for the May 2019 show.
I am Sue Gibbins from the northwest of England, UK, designing under my studio name Rocket & Indigo. I am 43 years old. After other careers in biotech and scuba diving, I decided to follow my dream to become a full-time designer. Over the last year I have studied with Make It In Design and completed all of the modules of Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course. I just graduated last month and have been polishing my portfolio ready to reach out to companies with my work in the New Year.
I would love to be able to exhibit my designs for the first time in the coming year, and I have already identified Blue Print as the best show to reach a wide audience as a first-time independent exhibitor. Therefore, I was very excited when you announced this competition!
Attached are 3 recent designs, as yet unseen publicly, that I feel are representative of my work. I would be delighted if you would consider them for this competition, and I hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks.
Kind regards,

Sue Gibbins
Surface pattern design and illustration


Ange Yake


Benedicte Barrett


I am delighted to enter the Blueprint competition. It would be a wonderful opportunity for me have my artwork exhibited in such a quality show and meet very talented people from the creative industry. I am aiming at further developing my free-lance career as an illustrator in 2019 and knowing I would be able to set a show would be a wonderful booster for my determination to get to the next step up.
Here are my details and my chosen illustrations forwarded:
Bénédicte Barrett
30 Rosslyn Park road
Plymouth PL3 4LN

Thank you, kind regards, Bénédicte Barrett


Bethany Andrews-Nichols


My name is Bethany Andrews-Nichols. I am the owner of Beenanza Design which I registered as a company in February 2018 in Burlington, Vermont USA. I am 34 years old - I have 12 years of graphic design experience the last 6 years as an art director at a large US craft brewery. I specialize in print & pattern design with a focus in block printing. Having traveled to Jaipur, India in October 2017 I gained a deeper appreciation for this ancient art, and decided this is where I wanted my design career to focus. I am tickled by the contrast between Graphic Design and Block printing. How clean and perfect a graphic pattern can be vs. how each print from the block is unique to the next, and how each flaw adds charm. 

I have been at my studio here in Vermont diligently creating. Some ideas begin on my computer, some begin in my sketchbook, and some are those lovely moments that just happen…I am experimenting with different blocks & BOOM! My mind is blown - and I dance around my studio!

Not only have I been creating here in the US, but I partnered with a block printing cooperative in Bagru, Rajasthan who is cutting wood blocks of my designs, printing and dying my patterns. I am also working with a studio in Jaipur where they are hand assembling backpacks that I designed from beginning to end. Affectionately called “The Beenanza Backpack” The first 25 block-printed bags have been pre-sold thanks to my successful crowdfunding campaign with iFundWomen. {} The next 25 will be on sale in Vermont and on my website in February 2019. A portion of the sale of each bag will go toward the purchase of Household Water Filtration Systems to be distributed among the co-op of artisans in Bagru & then hopefully beyond!

I want to enter the world of surface design a unique way. I want to educate show-goers & possible clients about block printing, as well as bring to Blueprint the fresh look of my design work combined with this ancient printing technique.

Thank you so very much!


Betsy Barry 

My name is Betsy Barry and I am interested in the Blueprint 2019 show! I am a botanical/nature artist working in colored pencil. I received a diploma from the Society of Botanical Artists, London graduating with distinction (highest honors). Since graduating, I have been creating and participating in fine art shows around the country as well as teaching workshops in my medium of colored pencil. 
I would love to be part of the Blueprint show! I feel as though I offer a unique style among today's designers and I'm excited to get my things out into the marketplace! 
I've attached three designs that show a little bit of what I do! All of my work is done in colored pencil on paper before scanning and combining the images digitally. 
I feel as though these three images offer a good example of the kind of work I do and I would love 
to explore more in the surface design arena! 
Thank you for your time! 
Betsy Barry 


Charlotte Coughlin 

Hi Blue Print,

My name is Charlotte Coughlin and I am an up and coming Textile Designer. I am very excited to be entering your competition for a booth at your May 2019 show. I live in Burlington, Vermont where I am a student at the University of Vermont. I am 20 years old and will be a graduating in May of 2020. I would love to win this competition because I have tried very hard to sell my designs, but I do not have have a lot of connections to contact. Having a booth at your show would allow me to grow my contacts and expose my name and designs to the print and surface pattern community. Being a college student, I do to have the financial capabilities to have a booth on my own. My 3 design are attached.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Charlotte Coughlin


Colleen Finn 


Dorota Milczarczyk


My name is Dorota Milczarczyk. I'm 29. I live in french-speaking part of Belgium. I’ve done studies in Conservation and Restoration of Art at the Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun in Poland. Since then, I was working a few small jobs more or less related with my studies. I feel like I haven’t found my right place yet. I still dream about a creative work. I wish to show my designs to the people from the industry and eventually sell them! So.. I dare to take part of this competition. I would love to exhibit at Blue Print in May and, as I’m a beginner designer, a little help could really help! I hope you like my works. Merry Christmas and the very colorful 2019 ! 

Regards, Dorota


Erdenechimeg Bat-Erdene

Hi, my name is Erdene. I'm originally from Mongolia and currently live in Montreal, Canada.
I studied multimedia design in Malaysia and worked as an advertising creative in Singapore for several years before moving to Canada. Since then, I worked as a graphic designer here.
Once discovering surface pattern design, the idea of doing what I love and potentially work with my favourite brands was very intriguing to me but I wasn't sure if I could do it. But after having my baby, I realized the importance of pursuing my passion. So this September, when my son started daycare, I finally decided to give it a try and make it as a licensing artist.
I've also recently completed The Ultimate Portfolio Builder course from MIID which helped me find my own style, build a portfolio that is inspired by current and future trends as well as how to navigate myself in this industry.
Winning this competition would be a great starting point for me. I've heard good things about Blue Print show being the first show from fellow artists. I'm looking forward to sharing my works and meeting my first clients at the show.

Name: Erdenechimeg Bat-Erdene
Country of residence: Canada
School: The One Academy of Communication Design (Malaysia) - Multimedia Design (2010)
Make It in Design - Ultimate Portfolio Builder (2018)

Thank you for your consideration.



Inez Justine


My name is Inez Jestine and I am located in Austin, TX USA. I graduated from Texas State University in 2010 with a Fashion Merchandising degree. That is where I was first introduced to textile design. I’ve worked as a women’s apparel buyer as well as a visual merchandiser since graduating, and I’ve recently just begun freelance in surface pattern design. I turned 34 years old less than a week ago and it would be the best birthday/Christmas present ever if I won a competition like this. 

The reason that I’d love to win is because surface pattern design is my greatest passion. I live and breathe it. I keep up with the subject religiously and I work diligently at it. I’ve been wanting to do a tradeshow for a while now, but every time I try and save some money for it, something comes up. I know that if I get the opportunity to present my work in front of art buyers, it’ll open doors that cold calls and submitting to various websites can’t compare to.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my work!
Inez Jestine


Jimena Garcia 
To whom it may concern,

Please see attached my three entries for the Blueprint show competition.



Lauren Fisher


My name is Lauren Fisher and I’m a 32-year-old living in the United States in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence has been my home since I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008, but in my childhood I lived in a number of places including Switzerland, England, and some of the Central and Southern United States.

I received my RISD Illustration degree right in the middle of a massive economic recession and, panicking about my future prospects, I took an in-house position as a graphic designer at a local design firm. Various career moves in the intervening decade led me from print design work to web design to user interface design. Though the work was interesting, I was struggling to feel fulfilled as an in-house employee and I always held a nagging thought that I’d never prioritized being an illustrator as I’d always planned.

Just over a year ago I quit my design day job to pursue freelance full time and have been developing my portfolio, working a part time job, and pursuing a client base. During this year’s The 100 Day Project, self-assigning a daily repeat pattern, I discovered surface design as a wildly enjoyable application for my illustration skills. Since then I have taken surface design workshops and classes and worked hard to create self-initiated projects to license and to attract new business.

In my experience, a good product is elevated to a product that inspires joy when it features appealing surface design; I would love to bring that joy to the lives of others through my work. One avenue of my marketing strategy is to begin exhibiting at trade shows, so I would love to win a space at Blue Print as it is a show sized at an approachable scale, allowing for meaningful personal connections between clients and designers. It would be lovely to meet fellow designers and get a deeper understanding of the industry.

Thank you for your consideration,

Lauren Fisher