Artistic Designs Group

Artistic Designs Group, LLC (ADG) is looking forward to exhibiting at Blue Print this year.  Over a decade ago ADG was created for the purpose of building partnerships between our group of creative professional artists with those manufacturers and retailers desiring fresh and innovative ideas for new brands and product lines.  

As a full service agency, It is our desire to build truly collaborative partnerships between the artists and their licensees working together from the presentation of exciting new collections, and throughout the product development process.  Always remaining aware of the role of the consumer in this process.  Our artists are well versed in successfully adapting their designs to a variety of popular consumer product goods, creating products that sell extremely well for our clients. 

The principals at ADG bring a unique blend of over 30 years experience in the arts industry, as well as over twelve years consulting on consumer product buying behavior with major mass merchandisers, department stores and other manufacturers and retailers throughout the United States, as well as Mexico and South Africa.