G. March Design

It seemed inevitable that Gennifer Schimenti would pursue a career in
design, as she grew up surrounded by an incredibly creative family. The
arts played a prominent role in Gennifer’s life, as they continue to do
today. Her father was a producer - he actually introduced Marilyn Monroe
to Joe DiMaggio! Her mom was a dancer who appeared on Broadway,
whose first husband was one of the most famous songwriters of all time -
Johnny Burke. Her grandmother loved to dance, and her grandfather was
an inventor and songwriter.
After graduating from Syracuse University with an Honors Degree in Fine
Arts, Gennifer took a slight turn on her path to raise a family. She is the
mother of five children who range in age from 10 to 28, passing along
her family legacy of creativity to each of them! Because Surface Pattern
Design was taught by hand at Syracuse, when it became time to delve
back into her art career, it was the invaluable online classes that brought
her up to speed with learning how to make repeat patterns on the
Since then, Gennifer has been working on creating a portfolio of designs
that showcases her love of color and pattern, and is thrilled to introduce
her creative brand, G. March Design . Her work is both elegant and
whimsical, with many new designs having their debut at her first ever
trade show at Blue Print VIII in May of 2019 !